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Bainimarama has invested a lot of money and even more ego in his PIDF to show Australia and New Zealand that he can lead Pacific cooperation better than they can, but his mastermind in the background, Khaiyum, is handling the Solomon Islands air services dispute in a ham-fisted way that will show other island leaders (and not just in the Solomons) that Bainimarama is all for himself and no-one else. Instead of setting up a meeting which he will attend with an open mind, Khaiyum broadcasts his demands through slave media. He says he will meet with the Solomon Islands but then he adds “responsibility for the dispute rested with the Solomon’s Government” and when he meets he expects them to capitulate. He says “Fiji is willing to hold discussions to break the impasse, but he made Fiji’s conditions very clear”. It’s the same old story – my way or the highway. So it looks like bye bye PIDF. Any other Minister would be sacked but Khaiyum is not any other Minister. He won’t even let Bainimarama involve himself in a problem that affects his relationship with other regional leaders.


Radio Fiji, 29 July 2014 Fiji awaits contact from Solomon’s to resolve airline dispute

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  1. ratu sukuna Says:

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  2. aslampigfarker Says:

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  3. nazhatbigslut Says:

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  4. wally Says:

    THE ASSOCIATION of South Pacific Airline (ASPA) says the dispute between Fiji and Solomon Islands governments can only be resolved through the immediate intervention by prime ministers of both countries.

    In a statement yesterday, Association’s Secretary-General, George Faktaufon said he personally believes that acceptable resolutions can only be agreed upon if prime ministers of both countries instruct their respective officials and the two national airlines to return to negotiation table.

    Mr Faktaufon’s call follow continued standoff between the two Melanesian neighbours that is now in its third week and has seen all international flights between Nadi, Fiji and Honiara operated by Fiji Airways and Solomon Airlines indefinitely suspended.

    Mr Faktaufon said this is the first time in the South Pacific’s aviation history for airliners to resort to total withdrawal of their services between two Pacific island nations.

    He said the impasse should not be allowed to continue because the travelling public has suffered enough and it’s not their fault.

    “It a real sad situation,” he said.

    “This is a time for good leadership. Unfortunately, the Pacific way of resolving disputes seems to be out of the window.”

    But, responding to Fiji’s Attorney General and Aviation Minister’s call for Honiara to make the first move yesterday, Director of Civil Aviation Authority Solomon Islands (CAASI), George Satu reiterated their stand that Fiji is responsible for starting up the mess by defying the Air Service Agreement in the first place.

    Mr. Satu said Fiji’s action at the first place has prompted the mess and they should make the first move, and not Honiara as claimed by Fiji in the wake of the ban.

    He also describes the approach by Fiji in using the media as inappropriate.

    “The statement by Fiji’s AG and aviation Minister can only show the wrong approach to solve the issue. As I mention earlier the only way this issue can be resolved is through the diplomatic level but not through media.

    “And we did our part by putting forward a formal request, but they failed to respond so that is why the issue remains unresolved,” he said.

    Mr Satu also questioned why Fiji has not responded to the request for talks that was forwarded on 14 July to resolve the standoff.

    Minister for Civil Aviation Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum following the ban said Fiji’s position remained consistent and that responsibility for the dispute rested with Solomon Islands Government.

    “After the Solomons Government banned two successive Fiji Airways flights from Nadi to Honiara in breach of our Air Services Agreement, the decision was made to suspend all Solomon Airlines flights until the matter is resolved,” he said in a government statement.

    “We regret the inconvenience to the travelling public but this action was triggered by Solomon Islands and the responsibility lies with Honiara to make the first move.”

    Meanwhile, Secretary-General Faktaufon also clarified the dispute was not discussed at the recent ASPA conference in Noumea, New Caledonia, at the request of the two airlines.

    “The two airlines asked not to discuss the dispute at the ASPA conference held in Noumea last week because they claimed it was a dispute between the two states, which could only be resolved at the government level, hence the reason ASPA did not discuss the issues.”

    He said the association, however, urged both airlines to encourage their respective governments to resolve the impasse sooner rather than later.

    By Ned Gagahe
    Copyright 2014 Island Sun

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