Biman nails it!

NFP leader, Dr Biman Prasad, has taken a deep breath and called the hypocrisy of the Fiji First Family Party. He’s said what we all know to be true: a common name does not a common citizenry make. Bainimarama has had 7 years to try to get equality of opportunity when it comes to recruiting for the RFMF but the force is overwhelmingly iTaukei. Then there’s the composition of the civil service and the composition of the senior government appointees. Not as bad as the military but far from fair. Actions speak louder than words and the NFP has had the courage to nail this one.


Radio Fiji, 28 July 2014 NFP clarifies equal citizenry

7 Responses to “Biman nails it!”

  1. ratu sukuna Says:

    Tu o irau na veitamani dau moku yalewa.drau cei dre boci.

  2. banta singh Says:

    An appropriate heading kamal iyer should read “Biman puts the final nail on NFP coffin”.

  3. NF Says:

    I met a old man at the market today and he said what has nfp or biman done for the people. I said I have no idea but he isn’t such a bad person. He replied, did this Biman ever run for politics before. I replied yes but lost.

    He remarked, this man is for himself and power. He is not for the people.

    I asked him why is he saying so. He said he is from the same place as biman and when he was a prof, he looked down on poor people and forgot his roots and past. He added, this man also has his family in NZ, how can he be a fijian whose family is in safe heaven.

    I could not argue. I will not vote for NFP. Maybe, I will vote for pdp.

  4. aven Says:

    Go Biman, you are saying the things we want to hear.

  5. nfp pig Says:


    There is a big difference between hearing and getting it done?

    Biman thinks everyone is his first year student.

    Do u know that some NFP candidates boycotted some meetings. Some are now thinking of not standing for elections.

    Beman is a not a leader. He is playing cat and mouse. Ask him how u can buy 2 chickens instead of one if he is a professor for 40 cents. Is he a magician as well.

  6. bimaaaan Says:

    NFP will not get the min 5% threshold to be in parliament. The most they will get is 3%.

    Its strong hold in the west has significantly eroded. The new NFP with the old tried, tested candidates including leader Biman lost badly in the previous elections. Can Biman tell everyone how many votes he received in 99 against his FLP foe in the election.

    Can Kamal big mouth Ear tell the truth that there were at least 100 itaukei people brought in especially to do meke and fill the chairs at their manifesto launch. If you eXclude the 100 and the 50 candidates, the officials, there was less than 100 people in attendance.

    Biman should also tell people of his phd thesis on rice farming and why the truth is so different from his conclusions. Biman is not a prof, but a rice farmer with lots of bullshits.

  7. atar Says:

    I am fed up with Biman and his antics. He has no respect for other nfp candidates.

    Biman just want to be the one who gets elected at all cost and that means we suffer. My fellow candidates are angry as he feels he is NFP when we slogged while he made money.

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