A test for Saneem

FijiFirst Party has objected to the name chosen by the proposed new Party, One Fiji. FijiFirst party general secretary Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum has made a submission to the Fijian Elections Office demanding that Saneem, his subordinate, refuse registration. Khaiyum claims that the names are confusingly similar. Each has only two words and the word One and First are very similar. “Colloquially everyone regards or equates the word “First” to be one or number one” says Khaiyum. Then there’s the problem that FijiFirst puts Fiji first and all the people together and that may be confusing. What a load of BS! Party names or logos or symbols don’t appear on ballot papers. FijiFirst is written as one word, not two. One does not equal First and Frank Family First does not have a monopoly on inclusiveness. However, will Saneem have the confidence and maturity to stand up for common sense?


Fijilive July 29 2014 FijiFirst objects to proposed party registration

One Response to “A test for Saneem”

  1. dredd Says:

    So does iarse also rules the English language and its application used in Fiji. He seems the sole interpreter of English language and how different names come to the same meaning. He is just a freaken overbearing self conceited being with nothing good in his attributes. He conveniently left out the fact he stole FF from some other party.

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