Who could it be?

Sandeep Roy told Fji Live he was a follower of FijiFirst until Bainimarama announced his party’s candidates.  Roy, who is 27, will be voting for the first time in September, and he said he’s always been with Bainimarama until he saw the name of one of his candidates who according to him has not done anything for the people since joining government.  Who could it be?  Aiyaz sayed-Khaiyum?  Does anybody like him?  Probably not, but he’s done a lot, most but may be not all, bad, however. Neil Sharma? He’s stood by and said nothing while the health budget was plundered to leave funds for Bainimarama’s jet-setting.  Jiko Fatafehi Luveni? She’s handed out sewing  machines and empty words about protecting women and children.  Inoke Kubuabola? He’s signed up diplomatic relations with other dictatorships and countries no-one’s ever heard of.  He’s also sat quietly by and avoided questioning about his role in the coup of 1987 and 2000.  That’s quite and achievement, but is it one that would impress Sandeep Roy?  We hope not.


Fiji Live 26 July 2014 FijiFirst lost my vote

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