Kadavu chiefs are asking the right questions

Kadavu chiefs have welcomed a visit to Kadavu by a delegation from SODELPA as it gives them a chance to learn more than is covered in the radio news.  They welcome Government initiatives to assist development in Kadavu but feel they’re in the dark about many things and question the way many laws affecting them have been passed without any consultation.  One change which had been made without any consultation was the removal of FAB scholarships as a result of which many parents struggled to find the money for their children to go to university.  The meeting at the village hall in Tavuki was attended by many of the chiefs of Kadavu but there were no reports of them saying they or their vanua supported SODELPA, as happens after Bainimarama campaign meetings.  It will be interesting to see if Bainimarama can now visit Kadavu and answer the questions in the minds of Kadavu leaders after their meeting with SODELPA.

One Response to “Kadavu chiefs are asking the right questions”

  1. kadavu Says:

    A colleague informed me that her relative just got back from kadavu. She said the relative said people there will vote for FF because the govt did so much for them, esp education.

    The chiefs may be asking the right questions but the people have already decided who to vote.

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