Where is Khaiyum when you actually need him?

The cane harvest in the Northern division is the latest area to be hit by Water Authority of Fiji failures. Cane labourers have quit and returned home as a result of continuous intermittent water supply. Harvesting cane is hard work for low pay, when you add in lack of access to water when you need it, the job just doesn’t seem worth it. So where is our Minister for Public Enterprises who runs the whole show like it’s his personal business? He’s always ready to interfere but never ready to take responsibility.

Fiji Times, July 23, 2014 Cutters leave fields

2 Responses to “Where is Khaiyum when you actually need him?”

  1. tualeita Says:

    Fiji Leaks says he is in hospital and Bimal says he was seen around Suva. But I think he had been on the receiving end of many questions he cannot answer, so he needs a break to seek out the convenient responses, true or false. But voters will just have to find out the truth from other reliable sources.

  2. taukeinivanua Says:

    @saunivalu Vosojia mako ei biri ko nai tukutuku,vamacala takinia ro ve mam o cei e yaca om tai balejia o au qi kilajia ga o qu tai e no me ina yanuyanu koula o DENARAU(TAI TUNA) I YAKUILAU ei no mei ke o (TAI LITIANA NAILEQE)kwaya ro me e no I vei om tai….kua ni galegale ni tata valiro qina baci qei serekali taki nia na vanua o VISIROI tu mei ke

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