The Bainimarama visit to NZ is good news

Some critics of the Bainimarama regime are disappointed that Bainimarama has been allowed to go to New Zealand to appeal to NZ based voters. But let’s remember that this means he’ll have to face a free media who can ask any questions and print the answers. His free run with a tame media means he will find it very hard to answer straight questions. Why did you take so long to reveal the salary you pay yourself?  Why did you decide for yourself what salary you should receive and not have an independent body make recommendations? Why did you throw away hundreds of millions in aid from the EU for the sugar industry just when it was needed most? The list of questions he needs to answer is long. He’ll try to evade the free media in New Zealand but the free media in a free country is hard to escape.
Fijilive  July 22, 2014 Mixed reaction on Bainimarama NZ visit

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