Thanks to election

Thanks to the election Bainimarama has been forced to admit that he did promise to hold elections in 2009 and then back down on that promise. The reason Bainimarama gave tells us a lot about Bainimarama.  He said he was under pressure from the Prime Ministers of Papua New Guinea and Tonga.  He did not have the courage to say to these men face to face that he planned to rule without an election for at least another 6 years. And now it’s only the forthcoming election that has made Bainimarama feel the need to answer the question publicly. He knows voters demand answers to questions like this. He should also know that answers like this show him to be a coward and a liar are letting the real man show for all to see.

Radio Fiji 21 July 2014  I was pressured to announce elections in 2009 – Bainimarama

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