Bainimarama senstivity points to the truth

The Fiji First Family party are all trying to say that debt was higher under the Qarase Government than under the 8 years of Bainimarama, but the facts  to refute this are not hard to see. The Qarase Government never borrowed for on-going operational expenses. Loans funds were used only to invest in capital, the same strategy that helped build FHL into a strong financial position. Qarase’s Government did get approval for a loan of US$150 million in 2005/2006, but it was Bainimarama who got his hands on the money and used it for who knows what after he seized government via the military coup of 2006 One thing is clear: the message is getting out there with voters that Bainimarama has mortaged the country for his own benefit and he knows that people know this. They know that all presents he’s showering on people now will be paid for later, and it will be the people not him who pays.

Fijilive July 22, 2014 No borrowing for operation expenses: Qarase

2 Responses to “Bainimarama senstivity points to the truth”

  1. Naidu Says:

    LQ blantly lied on TV today that he did not borrow US$150m in 2006.

    He said it was a standby Facility. Another lie. Various articles by Wadan, Biman and others will confirm that the fiji Govt borrowed us$150m in Sep 2006.

    • Masi Says:

      The key issue is the us$ 150m bond raised in 2006 was used in 2007 by this govt and no LQ..however the bureaucrats still seem to be scared in confirming this truth

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