The top campaigner at work


Surely we deserve better than this

Campaigning without a script our genius unelected PM described his constitution as “one of the best we’ve ever had”.  What? Only one of the best? If it’s only one of the best why didn’t he give voters the right to choose which one is the best? Then came this bit of incoherent rambling: “The 1997 constitution I don’t know how many of you put in your submissions for the 1997 constitution. Any of you put your submissions for the 1997 constitution? I don’t think so…but you were asked to put your submissions for this constitution”.  Yes we were asked and then Yash Ghai considered all those submissions and prepared a draft which Rear Admiral seems to have forgotten was unceremoniously burned. The longer the campaign goes on and the more people get a chance to hear this sort of “uh, uh, uh, ahh, ahh” stupidity, the better our chances of seeing the last of him and having a PM who looks and sounds like a PM.
Radio Fiji 20 July 2014 FijiFirst to protect 2013 Constitution

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