Years after he announced it he’s going to ask what it means


Vore Cartoon

“The school zones policy is one of my reforms but please don’t ask me questions about it”

On his campaign visit to Dreketi in Rewa, Bainimarama was asked by villagers from Korovou to explain his school zoning policy. According to this, students from villages in the heart of Rewa would not travel to schools in Suva or along the Suva Nausori corridor. They should instead go to schools in their zone. Despite this policy being announced years ago, Bainimarama said he would have to ask the Education Ministry “to see the plans it had and their effectiveness”. It seemed the villgers would like more students to be forced to attend their local school, which loses students to other schools outside the zone. This a complex issue but the PM should understand the policy his government introduced. How many other policies does he not understand? Professor Wadan Narsey wrote about the issue last year, but the Bainimarama Government ploughs on making its ‘reforms’ without any input from anyone for its half-baked schools zones policy? To work, a lot of the schools that have been built would have to be relocated, but most weren’t even built by the Government.  Everyone is happy with free schools but how safe is our school system its in the hands of someone who doesn’t even know what his policies are?

Check out Professor Narsey’s analysis of schools.

7 Responses to “Years after he announced it he’s going to ask what it means”

  1. joe black Says:

    natuva is ff candidate and campaigning- i thought there was a process by elections office to registar candidates? or are we in cowboy country?- yeahhh

  2. sose Says:

    Narsey sees everything negative. He should run for elections as he has lots of support. He also has the balls to talk about things. He should have the balls to stand for election.

    • 3 cheers for Narsey! Says:

      Do you have balls to tell him in person, sose doce?

      Nah, didn’t think so. Galu sara yani doce.

  3. up yours Says:

    Narsey is an academic with no practical experience. His article shows he does not have simple and basic understanding of statistical analysis.

    Comparing 10 years with 1 year is like comparing the all blacks with fiji in 15s rugby.

  4. Anand Says:

    A good aritcle by Prof Wadan Narsey. However, to balance the article, Prof does not mention of the Regime ability to survive and achieve growth without international support. In particular the spectecular growth in the past 5 years.

    In addition, even if you add the asset sales, debt grew less in 8 years under FB than under LQ for less than 7 years.

    Now Prof can you pls confirm that or will hide behind the saree as you always do.

  5. sose Says:

    Does Wadan have to balls to admit he is biased and using the FT to play his propaganda.

    He should hv a debate with PSF.

  6. tualeita Says:

    This regime has been surviving on debts for the last eight years. Another few years and there will be too much debt to survive.

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