The land swap lie

Bainimarama told villagers in Serua that his Government has safe-guarded native land by banning its sale. Once again he referred to the Denarau and Momi land swaps, calling these land sales.  The truth is native land was swapped with Crown land, which then became native land, to enable the landowners to have a more valuable piece of land to lease. The landowners gained new native land to get a more valuable property for development. Bainimarama could undo all the swaps that have been made and restore the situation before the swap.  He has shown he can make whatever laws he likes. So why doesn’t he do this? It’s because he  would have to compensate landowners for the loss this caused them.
Radio Fiji Jul 16, 2014 2013 constitution protects iTaukei interests: PM

One Response to “The land swap lie”

  1. tualeita Says:

    He does not even trust his very own police officers and policemen from Commissioner to Constables.

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