Dr Luveni this lie will not fly

Yesterday we wondered if she was lying – now we know. According to the Fiji First Family Party Minister Jiko Luveni, Fiji’s debt is now lower than ever. This is the biggest lie she’s told since she last said to a patient “this won’t hurt at all”. How can we borrow more and owe less?  The list of projects funded by borrowing is very long. Roads, hydro power, the failed mill refit, the list goes on and on.  A quick check of facts on the IMF site shows the truth: “Fiji’s external debt remains low from a regional perspective, but it has increased rapidly recently, largely reflecting the US-dollar denominated sovereign bond issued in 2011, and increased reliance on bilateral loans from nontraditional sources for infrastructure financing“.   The facts are not hard to check. It took us one google click and 30 seconds. Click on the link below to see the facts from the IMF.
Republic of Fiji—Concluding Statement of the 2013 Article IV Consultation Mission
August 19, 2013

3 Responses to “Dr Luveni this lie will not fly”

  1. joe knight Says:

    This woman better known as sewing machine is a bloody idiot of a woman.

  2. sose Says:

    Fiji’s debt rose by more than 100% under Qarase and by about 30% under Frank.

    Maybe some people can check out the truth.

  3. joe knight Says:

    Sewing machine Sa rauta mada na lasu Jenny Craig will have a field day with you

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