Has Dr Luveni actually read the Land Use decree?


Does Dr Luveni think free sewing machines from China are enough to convince iTaukei voters to hand total control over their land to Bainimarama and Khaiyum?

Fiji First Family Minister Jiko Luveni told landowners that the Land Use Decree requires 60% approval by landowners before land can be handed out by Bainimarama. What Dr Luveni did not say is that landowners have NO RIGHT to appeal to the court if they believe the Land Use Unit has not followed the correct procedure in getting landowner approval.  If the Land Use Unit says the landowners approve handing the land to the state, the landowners cannot dispute this in court. Bainimarama’s word on what landowners approve is law.  What’s worse, the Land Use Decree actually makes no mention of landowner approval.  The 60% approval rule is in the Land Use Regulations which can be changed overnight by the PM without the approval of Parliament. Dr Luveni either doesn’t know what she’s talking about or she’s lying. All of this was explained on Fiji Today by Navosavakadua.  All people who want to know the facts should click on the link below and see the facts for themselves. At all future campaign meetings Dr Luveni should be asked to give landowners a copy of both the Land Use Decree and the Land Use Regulations.


Navosavakadua Lies versus facts on land

Fiji Sun 15, July  2014  CAMPAIGN TRAIL – Land Use Tops Agenda for Dr Luveni


One Response to “Has Dr Luveni actually read the Land Use decree?”

  1. Maro Pito Says:

    Mulana Arsez Sayed Khaiyum bin -Laden is not Indo Fijian, he is Parki-Fijian a Terrorist

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