As you were: FSC does not really want cane farmers!

On Sunday Fiji Live had a story about FSC offering incentive packages for new cane farmers and they quoted Abdul Khan speaking in a “a government statement”.  But Abdul Khan has now “clarified” that there is no package of incentives. It was just more of his BS. The TLTB head Qetaki said his board knows about it. So what are we talking about?  Was Abdul Khan floating the idea of new farmers to prepare for the post election sale of FSC to a Chinese company? The only thing we can be sure of is that the Bainimarama Government has had a very strange approach to the sugar industry.  They threw away EU aid and stood by watching the industry slowly die. They talk about their land policies but it’s clear they have in mind some other plan than the obvious one of helping former cane farmers lease land to grow cane.
Fiji Time July 16, 2014 FSC clears the air

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