Wanted new cane farmers: apply to FSC

FSC executive chairman Abdul Khan has made what is described as “a government statement” designed “to attract interested individuals and families to take up the offer to start cane farming”. So that’s why our sugar production has been going down.  We haven’t got enough farmers. Can he be serious?  What the sugar industry needs is trust. This was destroyed by the wrecking of the mills and the removal of all voices that could actually speak on behalf of farmers.  And where is the land that FSC can offer to “new” farmers?  Will it be the farms of old farmers where the regime has had the TLTB cancel leases because they’re no longer being used to grow cane?  What the sugar industy needs is trust and for that we need a new Minister and Permanent Secretary for Sugar and a new chairman and board at FSC. Applicants should apply in October.

Fijilive  July 13, 2014  FSC to provide package to new farmers

One Response to “Wanted new cane farmers: apply to FSC”

  1. MAKEfjdENTERpoliticsORcoup Says:

    Haha.. very good. First greedy landowners chase tenants, result is big trees and bush which set back the hard work done by tenants to ground zero (need grading works and thousands of $$ to prepare land and remove big tree roots, plus expensive weed killers)

    Then came along compensation to tenants being evicted (now this was interesting by Mahen’s Gov. as gave hope for farmers to relocate to other farms), then surprise surprise.. along came long polly with lolly pops and did coup the name of freedom.. with peanut size brain without knowing what repercussion this would have to poorest of earners engaged in farms.. like me

    New gov. came (qarase) after well cancels all compensation to tenants being denied lease by greedy landowners who only were after good looking houses and well prepared land… fine land belongs to them.. why don’t prove yourself by starting from scratch on useless land..

    Why I was in high school there were 22000 cane farmers and increasing, now I would be surprised by the number left.

    Cane farming is no joke, you need to work hard. People who have never set foot on cane farms and sit in air con cars/houses need to first work in the cane field many months to speak on the matter… Plenty people have came into farmers union (with no knowledge of farming), sat like a pig on the chair and ass f****ed farmers from all directions leading to more degradation in cane farming….

    All in all this is a good initiative from current gov. but I am afraid its:

    – too late (bus has left the stand and only thing left is smoke/dust)

    – lets face it, no one care about farmers or poor people in fiji who put food on table from farming

    – only couple of months left for election now this? If monkey’s sit in parliament again and peanut sized brain decision are made then what?

    People who are educated think farmers are idiots and speak from books without any idea what situation farmers/workers are in, when in fact the the truth of matter is that farmers/poor workers have no choice but to survive and then f**k the farming once children well educated.

    No matter who wins at the end monkey’s will only go for banana’s in parliament and forget who planted the banana tree…

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