New world record for bare-faced lying


“I will never interfere with any religion”

Last week Bainimarama stood before an audience in Korovou Tailevu and declared that he would never interfere with any religion. Does he think the five year ban on the annual Conference and the charging of ministers and other church leaders for attending normal internal church meetings is forgotten.  Even when he allowed the Conference to go ahead he banned the choir competitions as an act of pure spite.  The issue in the September election is trust and Bainimarama has told many lies but never one so blatant as this.

Radio Fiji  Jul 08, 2014 We will never interfere with any religion: PM



4 Responses to “New world record for bare-faced lying”

  1. Martin. Anthony Says:

    I wonder how this guy sleep at night. By the way it is a sickness, he really doesn’t know what’s happening cause aiyarse kaiyum is running the govt. Marama is just doing what he is told. Poor guy.

  2. tukana Says:

    Are you saying that Frank is stupid? I think the more stupid guy is LQ for not being able to manage him.

    Why blame everything on khaiyum. Where was he when the LQ govt was toppled. Wasn’t it just the Military then?

    I guess khaiyum is just too smart for all of you and hence the hatred.

  3. expresso Says:

    @ tukana

    Hello! All are stupid which is why Fiji is in a mess.

    Khaiyum was already in the background as one of the advisors supporting the military in the lead up to the Dec coup.

  4. Anasa Roko Says:

    Khaiyum incompetence again exposed! Now tis Fiji Airways that’s suffering while Dictator Bainimarama bites his nails and spews more lies!!

    Vilisi Nadaku
    My Tau, more bad news for Frank First Party.
    1. The Permanent Secretary for Tourism, Elizabeth Powell is completing her last day in the office today.
    She resigned three weeks ago and has been ordered to keep it q…
    Read more:

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