Aiyaz on the campaign trail

How many years does it take to fix water supply?  Well a lot more than 8 OBVIOUSLY.  And you want to talk about cheap roads that wash away?

Jyoti P has done her best to make it look like Khaiyum is on fire, but read the Fiji Sun’s disgraceful propaganda carefully and it looks like he’s fizzling. In a series of meetings he met ‘hundreds of people’ (how many in each meeting?), only made short speeches and then answered questions. Unlike his rivals, Jyoti says, his speeches were not “speeches riddled with attacks and counter attacks at opponents”.  However, when asked about water supply problems he “attributed water problems in Nadi to wrong engineering decisions made years ago by past governments”.  He has had nearly 8 years of dictatorial rule and he blames previous governments!  He also said that “they could get Fiji Roads Authority to come and build cheap roads and bridges, but in six months time, it would be washed away.”  Does he think we’ve forgotten that’s exactly what happened with the roads built by the Malayasian ompany he personally contracted?  We all remember and our only question is: was the debt owed for building those shoddy roads also washed away.
Fiji Sun July 14, 2014  More Than a Party

3 Responses to “Aiyaz on the campaign trail”

  1. JB Says:

    Blame it on Aiyaz you mutton heads. You all sit and drink grog and complain all day. Which fijian govt looked after the itaulei people. All filled their pockets. Just follow the current case about tltb and keni.

    Who was minister for fijian affairs? You forgot? It was LQ!

    • Martin. Anthony Says:

      Wake up to reality bro. This country has never been in such a bad state ever. The other governments never took the freedom away from its people. The justice system is in a mess. The financial difficulties this country is facing and the debt this government has put this country in. Get your facts right.

  2. joe black Says:

    great this will fix all problems. did you see pictures of support in sigatoka for AG giving the big story but is full of holes. one day he will work it out for himself. mean time keep bulshitting yourself and the natives will fck u up the ass as soon as elections.

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