Bai and Khai will not be happy

SODELPA support is growing more open – will the regime react?

The picture of some of the giants of Fiji rugby turning up to a SODELPA party rally will not be welcomed by Bainimarama and Khaiyum. Following the story last week exposing the complaint of wife-beating against Bainimarama jnr, the dictator duo will be as mad as hell against the Fiji Times. But the world is watching and any action now will be seen to be retaliation for publishing stories the regime doesn’t like.  What will particularly worry them about this story is the encouragement it gives to ordinary Fijians everywhere to step up and be seen as supporters of SODELPA and other parties standing against Bainimarama’s Fiji Fist Party.  The more people who stand up, the more people will be able to stand up and be counted as supporters because there will be too many for the regime to try to intimidate.
Fiji Times, July 13, 2014 NRL stars show support at SODELPA event

7 Responses to “Bai and Khai will not be happy”

  1. Samu Says:

    PM Qarase puts Illegal AG, Khaiyum, in his rightful place, on the position of the Great Council of Chiefs in Fijian society! How an infantile non indigenous person can even squirt his unwelcome thoughts, on something he has no right or mandate to make, is mindbogglingly dumb and stupid.
    Tis a simple matter of having the mana or legal and moral authority to be making pronouncements on matters of huge cultural significance to indigenous Fijians. And Khaiyum; you have absolutely nothing, zilch!!!

    Qarase Replies to Khaiyum – GCC
    Former Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase responds to Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum’s comments about the Great Council of Chiefs in Saturdays Fiji Sun (12th July 2014)

    Listen to Qarase:

  2. SDL sapota Says:

    There is a picture circulating on FB of Ro kepa with George speight during the 2000 coup in parliament. She has a lot of explaining to do.

    Also, there is word going around of the stud or young fijian man she had an affair with. Maybe, she should first ask forgiveness from his wife.

  3. Anon Says:

    SWEET SUPPORT IN SUGAR CITY: Sodelpa’s supporters in western Fiji defy dictatorship and pour onto the streets of Lautoka to cheer party.

    See huge street march:

  4. tukana Says:

    How much did Sodelpa pay to get Tuqiri and his mate to the sedelpa launch? Hope it does not back fire. Only 300 people! That’s not big.

    Sodelpa can never win the election as it will not appeal to the other races. It will be the second largest party with around 10-12 seats as half of the itaukei voters will not vote sodelpa is it aren’t all about GCC and the land. Its about bread and butter issues which is not in its favour.

  5. expresso Says:

    Didn’t bother to listen to the Mr. Qarase’s speech since he reminds me of the “boy who cried wolf” one too many times…

    As people have now realised, the previous calls about the big bad wolf was to divert attention away from their (Q & gang) corruption and now that the big bad wolf is as real as, he once again does the wolf whistle… only this time round everyone can clearly see the ‘wolf problem’ for what it is and fortunately, he is also seen as part of the ‘wolf problem’ i.e. of corruption.

    I’m curious though about Ro Teimumu’s role when she was part of Qarase’s govt…. any reason WHY she turned a blind eye to the FHL saga unlike the late Adi Kuini who had questioned and criticized the FHL dealings in Parliament only to be shut down.

    If she were to form the new govt, will she be able to call out her party members if they were involved in shady dealings and demand their resignations OR will she turn a blind eye as she did with the FHL saga?

  6. kuta Says:

    Ro kepa is a staunch nationalist. But she also has a soft spot for young sport man. Ask people about her fling with one when she was minister for education.

    That’s why you saw tuqiri and his mate. Tuqiri was had an affair with a women recently in UK.

  7. sairusi Says:

    I have this strange feeling that our itaukei people will liumuri sodelpa come elections

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