Usamate then and now


Frank knows how to motivate his team

Frank’s First Family Party member Jone Usamate admitted that before he joined the cabinet “I thought those in cabinet represented something that was not very good for Fiji”, but once on the cabinet pay role things looked different. His views on workers rights are also subject to changes. Last week at a campaign meeting trying to win votes for FF party he told his audience “Now the government says anyone who has a problem with their employers, you can bring your dispute to government, that is a new law.” He seems to have forgotten that last year when Denarau workers went on strike he declared their strike  illegal.  Every one has their price it seems and Mr Usamate’s is the inflated salary of a Bainimarama regime minister.

Fijilive July 10, 2014  Usamate confirms FijiFirst application

Fijilive  December 31, 2013 Strike unlawful: Usamate

One Response to “Usamate then and now”

  1. Martin. Anthony Says:

    It’s all a joke for these guys in ff party. They think that they can fool the people, but people now know the truth.

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