Two reports, two versions of the land issue


The Land Use Decree gives total control of Native Land for 99 years to the PM to hand out as he likes and landowners cannot appeal to the court system for review


The Fiji Sun has a report of a visit to Nakorovou Rewa by former PM Qarase, while the Fiji Times has a report of Bainimarama’s visit to Dreketi Primary School in Rewa.There was not much detail on what was discussed but it seems Bainimarama said, as usual, your land is safe. But Qarase nailed the real issue, the Land Use Decree, which he said is “very dangerous”. It’s good to see the Fiji Sun recognising that SODELPA exists and is campaigning strongly but they seem to have left out all the detail. The Land Use decree is dangerous because it gives total power over leasing of land for up to 99 years to the PM with no right of appeal to the court over any decisions he makes. And it says the PM should give equal weight to the interests of the economy as to the interests of the landowners. Whatever the reports in the media say, the truth will be told and SODELPA has on its side the truth. Bainimarama must be made to explain word by word what is in the Land Use Decree and if he won’t SODELPA is there to do it for him.

Fiji Sun July 11, 2014 | Qarase Joins Campaign Team

Fiji Times, July 11, 2014 PM gives assurance on land issue

One Response to “Two reports, two versions of the land issue”

  1. Nutbush Says:

    Usamate is another fool. In an interview last week he alluded to subsistence employees as being same as normal master-servant employees. Thus subsistence employees are employed people for the same of statistics and the so called low unemployment rate. Idiot. A subsistence employee is nowhere like a regular employee as the ALL work done, mostly with farming, is for themselves only.

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