Simple arithmetic

$124,967 jumps to $278,750 = 115% increase

Bainimarama promised that no military officer would benefit from the coup but his salary figure shows this is completely false.  He has increased his own salary  as PM by 115% since the time he stole the job from Laisenia Qarase. And even then people think he’s not telling everything he’s as earned up till now (What about Commander RFMF salary?).  Journalists don’t dare ask him too many questions like this.  He has put himself above accountability.  But the figure he has admitted to tells this simple story very directly by itself.  He slashed payments to pensioners and then rewarded himself handsomely for doing it.  He must be made to pay at the ballot box. That will be his accountability.

Fijilive  July 09, 2014 I earned less than Bainimarama: Qarase

6 Responses to “Simple arithmetic”

  1. Losalini Diroko Says:

    With such blatant lies by Bainimarama and Khaiyum, how can any intelligent person believe in them.

  2. Martin. Anthony Says:

    Absolutely. !!!!. He is going to pay. Kalou Sa raica.

  3. tualeita Says:

    Only fools will believe them. And and if the majority of voters will believe them in the coming elections, then that majority are not anything else but stupid.

  4. And babu Says:

    Sa bio dada mai a dai…….

  5. mango tree Says:

    What was LQ’s total package, including his allowances, entertainment, sitting etc.

    Or no, yes his package was indeed lower as he was making money else where such as through FHL shares and tLTB.

  6. tualeita Says:

    Bainimarama and Khaiyum are making more money elsewhere.

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