Prof Wadan explains it

Once again Professor Wadan Narsey is right. His explanation of the complex voting system that has been cooked up by Bainimarama to help with his election is correct.
Our FDN guy got it wrong yesterday. Check out the explanation on the Narsey website.

This makes clear that the individual party “candidates will be ranked by the numbers of votes they receive”, not a party list. But our guy says the point is still much the same.  Bainimarama will get most of the votes of his party and the ‘left-over’ votes will go to others, they get the scraps from his table. So if his Indo-Fijian candidates are people no-one has ever heard of, they will be disadvantaged in comparison to the Ministers who have been pushed by the regime propaganda machine in the Fiji Sun and Radio Regime. The only candidate who might not enjoy that benefit is Khaiyum who would lose a popularity contest with typhoid or dengue. The truth is Bainimarama has a degree of support from among ordinary Indo-Fijians for declaring equal citizenship (even though some people understood we already had that) but will those supporters vote for Frank First if they cannot see any Indo-Fijian names they know and respect on the Frank First list of candidates?

3 Responses to “Prof Wadan explains it”

  1. NFP dead Says:

    Wadan and Biman professes to be two intelligent man. They were tasked by Jai Ram reddy to assist NFP parlimentaries working on the 1997 constitution.

    They were so smart that they took NFP down drain. Had they proposed a proportionate representative system, NFP would have been in parliament in 1999, 2001 and even 2005.

    But NO.

    So the blame of NFP being out of parliament rest soley on Biman and Wadan.

    Its too late. Now they will be out of Parliment for ever. NFP will be history.

  2. mango tree Says:

    A simple question to you Mr Narsey,

    You are quick to pen your biased views after reading Kamal iyer’s and NFP’s Press Release.

    If I get you to talk to the person Kamal is accusing of compromising the independance of RBf and if he informs you that Kamal approached him to support NFP, even offered to pick him up, what would you say?

    Your silence over the last few days tells me that you are a one-eyed unethical person with no values and preach good governance. What a hypocrite you are Narsey.

  3. ganna cutto Says:

    Wadan is a pessimist. He said it will be a hung parliament, he can spew tatti. But he will have to eat it as this election will wipe out NFP and all small parties.

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