Why does Frank boast he’ll win all 50 seats?


This is what Frank’s Interim Government looks like, so what will his ‘elected’ government look like – it’s all down his ‘invites’

Bainimarama’s arrogant boast that he can win all 50 seats won’t surprise too many people.  What else would we expect from a dictator who thinks his is the only view anyone should be able read in the media? But there’s more to it than that.  He has to hand out places on the FF party list which will determine who on his list will actually get a seat in parliament. He assumes that his voting system means he can win more votes than he needs for one seat and then the other candidates will get his surplus votes in the order in which they are on the party list. So he has to give a number of higher places to Indo-Fijians or his government will look like his officer’s mess at QEB, a mono-ethnic sham.  When we see the party candidates we’ll all be looking for how many credible Indo-Fijian candidates he can muster.  Then when we see where he puts them on a list they will know how serious he is about them winning.  He says he can win all seats – meaning they don’t need to worry about where they are on the list – but we know that’s not true, he knows it’s not true and the candidates all know it’s not true.  The candidates will understand that their chances of winning will depend on when they get their invite and where they are on Frank’s (well we all know it will be Khaiyum’s) list.

Radio Fiji 8 July 2014  FijiFirst to announce candidates soon

5 Responses to “Why does Frank boast he’ll win all 50 seats?”

  1. James Reesa Says:

    Bainimarama Wants To Campaign On his Record
    This is a campaign that everyone wants to see.I am wondering where will he start? Let us see, Well first of all Bainimarama is a traitors for taking over a democratically elected Government.Then comes his Human and Civil rights abuse in Fiji . He tortured the civillians population of Fiji and he allowed the Murder of the CRW soldiers who were only carrying out his orders to storm parliament and take over the Government for him.

    Read more:
    1. https://www.facebook.com/loruama.tawawili?fref=nf

  2. Narsey on Fiji Says:

    Blogmaster: You are misleading your readers. You have not understood how “winners” will be decided from each eligible Party (i.e. parties that win at least 5% of total votes cast.).

    For example, if FFP wins 18 seats, then the 18 successful candidates are decided as the first 18 of the FFP candidates, RANKED BY THE NUMBER OF VOTES THEY THEMSELVES RECEIVE INDIVIDUALLY.

    The 18 are NOT chosen according to the Fiji First Party List drawn up by Bainimarama/Khaiyum (that will only come into play if there is the unlikely event of a tie).

    i.e. TO REPEAT, for any FFP candidate to get into parliament, they have to be in the top 18 of the FFP, ranked by the votes they individually receive.

    i.e. the FFP candidates will also be competing among themselves, to make sure they receive enough votes to be on the top of their list.

    Of course, it improves their chances if Bainimarama gets a massive number of votes: but it is no guarantee, if the voters do not give them individually enough votes to be ranked at the top.

    See the fuller explanation of this in my Election Issues Bulletin 7 here: (https://narseyonfiji.wordpress.com/2014/03/31/election-issues-bulletin-7-the-2013-bkc-open-list-system-professor-wadan-narsey-31-march-2014/

    Professor Wadan Narsey

  3. sione Says:

    Hi Narsey, you are correct. I agree with you.
    However, I wonder what is your view on Kamal Iyer approaching a central banker seeking support for NFP? Or will you be silent?

    Also what is your view of usp academics campaigning for political parties without taking leave?


  4. Anonymous Says:

    Shazzer for Freedom in Fiji
    Bainimarama just can’t stop telling lies. This latest lie will bring the wrath of God down on his head.
    In Korouvou this week he said. “We will never interfere …with any religion”
    What a short memory he has.
    Doesn’t he remember banning the Methodist Conference for 4 years in a row?
    Doesn’t he remember banning meetings of all Church organizations under the Public Emergency Regulations?
    Doesn’t he remember detaining the then general secretary of Methodist Church Reverend, Tuikilakila Waqairatu, and former Church leaders, Reverends Manasa Lasaro and Tomasi Kanailagi?
    Doesn’t he remember dragging the Roko Tui Dreketi from her home in Rewa to the barracks for daring to invite the Methodists to hold their conference in Rewa?
    Here are a few verses from the bible the Lying Dictator should read before the next time he opens his mouth.
    Proverbs 20:17 , Psalm 101:7, Psalm 120:2, Proverbs 19:9,Revelation 21:8, http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/21220/we-

  5. Tamana Says:

    Frank4fjd has done what was necessary to survive and ride on the village minded understanding of reshaping Fiji since cannibalism.

    Plenty hooligans came into power since first coup (now known as freedom of expression) using villagers who don’t even know what how the economy operates, making Fiji a slut being banged from all angles.

    The lesson being learned after multiple “freedom of expression” is that to make money and take Fiji forward is to bang your hand on the aging parliament desk which survived so many corruption and talk clever in front of camera.

    Good things were done initially since Frank4fjd started steering Bula land.

    Many before him have done worse and are now enjoying with the taxpayer $$$ being laundered in bagful.

    Not being firm supporter but a monkey will do what other monkeys do…

    Unfortunately in the name of reshaping Bula land inflation is worse then smoking.

    Living on taxpayer / vatpayer fund is fun when you do not have to sweat to earn.

    Frank4FJD has crossed plenty lines to move Bula land forward but also the result is – Frank4FJD’s and AG’s family are enjoying the ride.

    I was told that its all politics when I experienced coup by G Speight and his band, and it still remains.

    Bula land is caught up in a tornado since independence with no one to guide the monkey kingdom.

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