NFP enlists cane farmer stalwart

One of the first acts of the Bainimarama regime was to get rid of Jaganath Sami as CEO of the Sugar Cane Growers Council.  He was one of those institution executives terminated for allegations of corrupt practises. Now Jag is standing for the NFP. His job convincing cane farmers they and their industry have been betrayed by Bainimarama will not be a hard one. The wrecked mills, the lack of consultation on anything, throwing away hundreds of millions in aid meant for farmers, the list goes on and on. The sugar industry can be saved but only if we face facts, understand the depth of the problems and all work together to solve them. First step is get rid of the regime which wrecked the industry and the incompetent so-called Minister for Sugar who has spent more time in international conferences where he has nothing to contribute than in meetings with cane farmers who can tell him what the problems are.

Fijilive July 06, 2014 Ousted sugarcane growers CEO for NFP

2 Responses to “NFP enlists cane farmer stalwart”

  1. James Says:

    Sami said he was reluctant to stand for elections. If Biman is so sure to win majority seats, why were you reluctant?

    The truth is Biman and NFP will get the biggest thrashing of their lives. They will not get 5% of the votes cast. Yes, they will get 0.5%.

    Biman will get a max of 500 votes and no NFP candidate will get more than 300 votes. Half of the candidates will get less than 100 votes.

    NFP will be history.

  2. joolum mama Says:

    I would appreciate if Wadan can check and write if Kamal Iyer broke the law by asking a RBF staff to support NFP and even offered to pick him from his home to the NFP office.

    I would also like Wadan to check if Dr Neelesh goundar broke USP policies by openly campaigning as pictures are available on various blogsites.

    I would also like Wadan to check RBF website and see if the Governor’s presentations on the economy who also raised the same risk of political stability and reversal of incentives and comment if he also broke the law.

    I would also like Wadan to check the World Bank survey on Fiji where almost half the respondants state political instability as the biggest obstacle and if this is a fact, why do we need to sugar coat it.

    I would also like to ask Wadan to also comment on how feasibile is it to reduce Vat, compensate those who retire at 55, increase the salary of teachers and police men and women which Biman promised and still balance the budget. Will Biman cut civil servants size, or raise personal or corporate taxes? Or just cut capital expenditure?

    Can Wadan also pls check and comment on why Fiji times was mis-leading the public with its survey on the 8 key issues confronting the country based on the Tebbutt survey as the results of the survey added to 237% instead of the normal 100%. Was Wadan sleeping or just ignoring the blatant error as it suited his agenda.

    Lastly, can Wadan also review his comments of a hung parliament based on the fact that there were less than 35 attending NFP rallies in Ba, lautoka and even Suva and a similar or lower number of people attended FLP rallies except when the announcement of candidates was made.

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