Seruiratu still waiting for his invite

Lt-Col Seruiratu, one of the many military men in the interim Government, has admitted that he’s still waiting for his invitation to stand as a candidate for Fiji First. Bainimarama is still searching for high quality Indo-Fijian candidates.  Military men have to wait while the window dressing to be finished before they step forward to claim a place.  Frank hasn’t forgotten that his star Indo-Fijian Party Vice President, a worn-out FLP re-tread (who was talking about ‘old politicians’?) turned out to be a fraudster with convictions for false declarations.  What does it tell us about the FF party that Seruiratu can’t even say he’ll be a candidate until he gets his invitation from the dictator?
Fijilive July 06, 2014   Seruiratu undecided on election

One Response to “Seruiratu still waiting for his invite”

  1. Anon Says:

    I thought Mr Seruiratu was a Talatala for the All Nations Fellowship. If this is true, then he better make the right decision; serving his God and savior or serving a dictator who does things that go against the teachings of the Book.

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