Another FSC excuses season off to a good start

The harvest is barely a week old and the excuses are again flowing better than the cane and the sugar. Ever since FSC was put in the hands of a succession of regime stooges things have gone from bad to worse.  The figures speak for themsleves. The industry has been halved.  The best excuse the regime has got is the cut in the price paid for our sugar by the EU, but they never use this one because it reimnds us the EU offered the aid needed to re-structure the industry to cope with the drop in price, but our Minister for Sugar knocked back the aid because he didn’t want the lecture about democracy.

Radio Fiji Sun Jul 06, 2014 Teething problems a part of crushing season: FSC

3 Responses to “Another FSC excuses season off to a good start”

  1. The Sugarman Says:

    The sugar industry is doomed. Just after the crushing season started, two mils broke down. Mark my word; this season will be worse than 2013. The sugar industry is doomed!!

  2. Rai ki liu Says:

    Need to stop criticizing the sugar industry and be positive. Our prayers are for the sugar industry to survive while others are just commenting and criticizing, cursing, etc. Better to remain quiet and listen to constructive comments, etc, rather than criticizing, etc

  3. The Sugarman Says:

    @ Rai ki liu

    Stop wasting your time praying for the sugar industry. When people who are placed in authority mislead and lie to the public almost continuously, as in the sugar industry, do not expect a favorable answer from the Lord to your prayers. They will reap what they sow. And secondly, do not attempt to lecture us to not criticize. We will say it like it is because those in the sugar industry think they know better than anyone else. They don’t listen to constructive criticism as you suggest. The status of the industry today is a true reflection of the caliber of people who manage it. The sugar industry is doomed!!

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