Bainimarama proud of throwing away cane farmers money

The sugar industry has never been on Frank’s roadmap

Bainimarama enjoyed himself telling an Australian journalist the story of how he told the EU he didn’t need the 500million Euro in aid to cane farmers, which was lost because he broke the terms of the Cotonou agreement governing EU aid. Bainimarama claimed HE was offered a bribe but cane farmers all know the truth. He threw away THEIR money in order to hang on to power longer. The aid money was not for Bainimarama, it was for cane farmers to help THEM cope with the lower prices FSC now receives in the EU.  This tells us a lot about Bainimarama. His claim “I nearly hit him over the head with a bottle of Fiji Water” when the EU official supposedly offered him a bribe shows just how Bainimarama sees the issue.  It’s all about him, not the cane farmers and now he expects them to vote for him. Cane farmers should remember this when they vote: he not only threw away your money, he’s proud that he had the power to do it.
Fiji Live July 02, 2014 EU unaware of alleged PM bribe

One Response to “Bainimarama proud of throwing away cane farmers money”

  1. Aunty Nur Says:

    So an EU official has offered our beloved PM a bribe in order to convince him to take aid money from the EU? Does that make any sense? Probably not.

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