The devil’s tail slips out


“Honestly Frank I can’t afford to take my hand away for five minutes – what were you thinking”

Bainimarama has been fairly good at hiding his true feelings about Indo-Fijians but every now and then the devil’s tail slips out and we see his true colours. The latest glimpse of the real Frank was in his off-hand remark to an Australian journalist that Professor Biman Prasad wouldn’t even stay in Fiji if not for him because Professor Prasad “is an Indian”. As such, he’s supposed to owe everything to the Commodore and his coup. But Professor Prasad did notice and understood  very well what Bainimarama was implying. He’s called for an apology for this insult to all Indo-Fijians. We know Frank will not take up the challenge and he’ll hope his control of the media can suppress the story but the devil has a tail and we’ve all seen it. We saw earlier it this year when it came time to appoint a successor as Commander RFMF. The Number two officer in the RFMF  was passed over for the top job because he was Indo-Fijian. His job as Number two was just for show but somebody forgot to tell him. Another slip of the tail which Frank hopes we didn’t spot.

Radio New Zealand 1 July 2014 NFP wants apology from Bainimarama for alleged racist remark

3 Responses to “The devil’s tail slips out”

  1. navosavakadua Says:

    What Bainimarama is saying is that no Indian is safe without him, which is just another way of saying they’re at his mercy. He thinks they owe him everything and he expects to get their votes in return.
    A common and equal citizenry? Yes indeed, we’ll all be on our knees before a dictator.

  2. Losalini Diroko Says:

    that was a 100% racial Insult to Prof Prasad and all indo-fijians. did Bainimarama imply that all indo-fijians should be thankful to him for staging the coup and giving them top jobs and equal citizenship and name?

  3. Sokiveta R Says:

    Bula bully?
    June 21, 2014

    Kathy Marks
    Having seized power in a 2006 coup, Fijian hard man Frank Bainimarama now wants to legitimise his rule via a free vote. But will anything really change?

    Read more:

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