It’s cut and run time in Frank’s Fiji

Vodaphone started as a 49% foreign-owned company and now it’s heading towards total local ownership. Qantas is still 49% foreign-owned but that’s only because they can’t find a buyer willing to take their shaky  Fiji Airways shares. BP South West Pacific have already left.  The Commonwealth Bank purchased a 49% shareholding in Colonial National Bank in 2006 but they sold this after Bainimarama trashed the constitution in 2009. Companies not willing to pay bribes have no future in Frank’s Fiji so they are cutting and running.

Fiji Times, July 02, 2014  Investment


4 Responses to “It’s cut and run time in Frank’s Fiji”

  1. nazhatbigslut Says:

    The obvious questions are how much were FNPF (our money) willing to pay for the 49% share and what are we looking at in terms of returns in the future, given that we are increasing our eggs in this basket. Is this why that muslim faggot Aslam fled after making sure that VFL got the better of the telecom infrastructure network so that it could sell off its shares at a premium, but a huge cost to the telecom sector overall since VFL unfairly holds the upper hand at the expense of a level playing field for all landline (TFL) and mobile operators. How much did this bastard Aslam get as a handshake when he resigned?

    Lots of questions?

  2. Mandrai Says:

    Whoever you are calling others slut, I tell you with my hands on the bible – you and your entire family are full of ‘SLUTS’

  3. aslampigfarker Says:

    probably the dirty rotten conspirator couples reading this blog huh…roast in hell you motherfarking whores…you’ve been instrumental in all the pain and suffering in Fiji now, and there you go enjoying the frills of your dirty deeds… not consecrate the bible, take your dirty filthy hand s and shove up each other’s….

  4. aslampigfarker Says:

    I meant “desecrate” not consecrate….big mistake

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