Khaiyum hypocrisy reaches new heights


Who should be surprised that Khaiyum has changed the Parties decree to demand that all new office holders in political parties declare their assets and income. He did not include this in his original decree but he he thinks Party office holders should have done it anyway.  Khaiyum the almighty says from his high perch of power:  “As you know there have been a lot changes in the NFP and PDP from the initial point of registration. The person who was the leader, who was the VP have all changed, but none of these people saw it fit to come and declare their assets and liabilities.”  We have been waiting 8 years for the truth of what the state pays him as an unelected Minister for half a dozen things and then he gives others days to make declarations or face 10 years in prison.  Even for Khaiyum this is unbelievable hypocrisy.
Fijilive July 01, 2014  Decree amended, party officials to declare

6 Responses to “Khaiyum hypocrisy reaches new heights”

  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    This wanker and his illegal & treasonous mate Bainimarama can afford to play smart-arse because Qorvis controls all their public platforms ensuring that they’re cocooned against realities like prodding, probing and incisive questions from other political parties and taxpayers.

    And they’re just deluded enough to think they can win the elections like this.

  2. Lamusona Levu Says:

    The great Khaiyum does what he can. He will kick the Taukies in the arse and they will ask for more.

  3. Lamusona Levu Barakachod Says:

    L Levu
    why do you keep spelling taukei wrongly ie taukie??
    u have a taukei name but you are an imposter cause u cant spell taukei words…..
    come to my village and you will see a good lovo

  4. Sokiveta R Says:

    To all SODELPA election candidates, read Niko Nawaikula’s story ( in link below) on their campaign and discussions with villagers in Vanua Levu, to inform you of the materials you can use in discussions with voters in your areas of campaign. Please leave behind printed copies in the Fijian langusge and encourage the people to further discuss with families and fellow villagers to fully understand the evils of the current illegal Govt and their officials.

    I PLEAD WITH YOU CANDIDATES IN NAITASIRI AND TAILEVU TO ESPECIALLY USE SUCH MATERIALS WITH VILLAGERS as widely as possible as a few of them are still dazzled by the Sawani-Serea new highway being built and other bribery so called gifts from the treasonous Bainimarama

    Niko Nawaikula
    June 30 at 4:30pm • Edited
    CAMPAIGN 2014

  5. budha Says:

    Why are PDP and nFp angry. I agree that politicans must tell us their assets and income so that we know If they are going there to make money for their pockets or serve the people.

  6. Tomasi Says:

    There are laws and there are choices. There are some laws which we can defy, bot at our own peril. Voreqe and Khaiyum see themselves as far superior beings than the rest of us. They ignore the laws, they defy the laws, they destroy the laws when it suits them, and then, they write new laws for us the people which they do not intend to honour themselves.

    The sad truth is that there are laws which you can defy without much immediate consequences. After all, laws are man-made. People make laws and people may also break them and trash them.
    Laws are simply tools for governing ourselves, helping us to create order and minimise chaos. So its no big deal really. Really?

    Khaiyum and his dog Voreqe have gone beyond the safety zone. By defying and trashing the various laws of the land, they have also appointed themselves as the lawmaker, by writing decrees. This has given them total control and a false sense of superiority and security, and somewhat drowned their guilty conscience. So far so good. BUT..

    Through all these law making, and dictatorship, they have become so vain and blind by their sense of power and authority. They have lied and committed various actions and made decisions that defy the moral laws that govern all of God’s creation. This is where they have made their gravest mistake. People belong to God. Resources belong to God. When leaders and dictators make decisions and take actions that make people cry and weep and mourn, God hears their cries and answers their prayers. When dictators and leaders choose to deliberately defy moral laws, they are effectively defying God.

    I long for the day when Voreqe the dog and his man (son of the devil) Khaiyum, would agree to a public debate so that those of us who wish to may engage in a free discussion about fundamental issues that affect our lives as citizens, our economy, our rights and freedoms, our land, our laws and various other issues. Please Khaiyum, if you really believe that what you have done is the best thing for Fiji, please organise a public debate. I want you to see you and talk to you in person. Voreqe has been avoiding me and others. But he has no brains. They say you are the brains behind his mouth. Do that please so that all will know just how much you have wrecked this country. You will also may learn a little lesson about good manners. Something that your parents failed to do for you, and we, the whole of Fiji have been subjected to the ravaging blind destructive actions of an evil sod and monster that is you, aiyaz saiyad khaiyum.

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