FNPF sweetener fools no-one

With the election approaching it’s no surprise the FNPF has posted a healthy increase in the interest credited for everyone’s FNPF account. It doesn’t matter whether FNPF has the funds to honour this promise. The true state of FNPF finances is a mystery, hidden behind the secrecy of a regime which thinks it can tell people what it likes and they will believe it.  This might work if it wasn’t for the fact that no-one will forget the cuts to pensions made without any opportunity to comment. It’s one thing to cut the pensions in the future but cutting the pensions of people who have retired believing they have provided for their future is something else. It’s called theft. We will not forget.

Fiji Live 30 June 2014 FNPF announces increased interest rate

One Response to “FNPF sweetener fools no-one”

  1. Tomasi Says:

    I know Voreqe. Many people know Voreqe. More people are now beginning to discover who Voreqe reallys is. Voreqe is an arrogant, proud, absolutely selfish stupid mentally retarded coward and a fool. The devil knows how he became the dictator he is. He knows he is in a deep, dark and dangerous hole.. But rather than asking for the forgiveness from God and us the people, he continues to try and manipulate us, the people to worm his way out of the brutal and just punishment for his evil, criminal and cowardly actions.

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