Hard landing inquiry comes up with soft findings

Fiji Airways, the plaything of Khaiyum, who is the Minister for Public Enterprises as well as Minister for Tourism, has blamed systems for the hard landing which injured a crew members and damaged one of the new A330s. When the planes were brought with huge debt and a raid on the FNPF funds, questions were raised about whether local pilots would be able to fly the planes or whether foreign pilots were flying them. The decision to rush ahead was made by somebody.  Systems can’t make decisions. Was it Pflieger who implemented the grand plan and then ran as fast as he could from the whole risky business? Was it Khaiyum the Kontroller? Until free speech is restored we’ll never know, just as we’ll never be told the cost of the repairing the damage and the idle time for the expensive plane.

Radio Fiji Jun 29, 2014 Fiji Airways reveals findings from hard landing investigation



2 Responses to “Hard landing inquiry comes up with soft findings”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    On no. Please do no say that Mr. Pichler has been bent to pressure by the funny family government over this hard landing. His words seem very much like crap that a regime lackey might regurgitate. More half truths spew forth. Us in the job know what happened. The pilot, and other older ones, struggled through his training with a number of fails. His training was shortcutted to make sure he eventually passed. This still going on. Under this pilots control the plane did hard landing. Organizational issues aside pilot error was a contributing if not direct cause. If the pilot was not in error as Mr Pichler states then why the need for disciplinary action (“pilot who was in command of the flight has escaped further disciplinary action”). Why wasn’t pilot not fired? Is there truth that Mr Pichler wanted him gone? Now another pilot has been demoted with more to fly away. Organizational problems for sure sara. Like many fijian pilots now doing maybe Mr Picher should leave for something worth his measure. Heaven knows he is not getting respect where he is….”

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