Punishment for supporting SODELPA

The closure of the Health Post  at Waimaqera  has left 3000 people without health services in the south end of  Taveuni.  Is this just typical of the Bainimarama regime priorities with its cuts to health to fund First Family travel, or is it punishment for supporting Tui Cakau and SODELPA?  Group punishment is the hallmark of dictators like Saddam Hussein who gassed Kurds because some of them did not support him. Farmer, Rakesh Kumar, who died last week when the Health Post was not available to help him, may not have been a supporter of SODELPA but he suffered nonetheless.  That’s the way dictatorships work.
Fiji times June 25, 2014  Health post closes


One Response to “Punishment for supporting SODELPA”

  1. Stephen Hallacy Says:

    Closed to the lack of water supply and incompetence of WAF to provide any alternative to the ridiculous idea of a desalination plant.

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