Ashwin Raj is a puppet without credibility

Once again the heavy hand of the regime spreads the message of lack of media freedom

Ashwin Raj has declared everything Patrick Craddock and Matt Thomsom said to be false – according to him “none of their statements hold true and they didn’t bother to check their facts”.   This puppet had no credibility to start with but his credibility is even less than zero now. The MIDA decree (section 10) even says he has to take direction from the Minister and it looks like this is exactly what he’s done.  This is a job for a puppet without an ounce of self-respect. His two predecessors could not work under a system which requires them to regulate the media while also being required to take direct orders from Khaiyum. As for fact checking, he needs to learn how to do this himself instead of following orders from his puppet master. Did he ask the Police whether they were checking up on Netani Rika?  MIDA is supposed to regulate the media, not individuals who might want to have their voices heard in the media. The one good thing about all this is that it has again highlighted the lack of media freedom in Fiji.

Radio Fiji 25 JunMIDA seeks explanatione 2014 MIDA seeks explanation


One Response to “Ashwin Raj is a puppet without credibility”

  1. Pinocchio Says:

    I find you comparison of Ashwin Raj to my kind utterly offensive.

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