Mills breakdown when issues get caught in the crusher

The turbine at Rarawai mill in Lautoka broke down on the first day of the season, signally an ominous sign for another harvest marred by mill problems. According to Abdul Khan, who pro-regime bloggers keep reminding us in an engineer, the breakdown was apparently caused by “an issue”. The Penang mill in Rakiraki also got off to a bad start when an “issue” got caught in the equipment there as well and led to a break-down.

Fiji Times, June 21, 2014 Mill breaks down


2 Responses to “Mills breakdown when issues get caught in the crusher”

  1. Rai ki liu Says:

    First of all, the turbine breakdown is @ Ba mill and not Lautoka as mentioned above. Secondly, an “issue” mentioned by CEO FSC must be clearly defined and not generally stated. It’s better not to comment if CEO is not certain of that issue being mentioned.

  2. Aunty Nur Says:

    Our sugar minister is competent enough to fix a little issue in a sugar mill. This season will see unprecedented quantities and yields, in fact we will produce more high quality sugar in one year than in all years of the rule of old politicians together. And those who keep questioning the performance of our sugar minister will be dealt with in due course.

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