The big question answered

PIDF – A party we all pay for


For all of you who have been asking: why do we need Frank’s Own Forum, otherwise known as the PIDF, here is the answer from the interim secretary general, Feleti Teo: PIDF is “a multi-stakeholder platform that allows Pacific Island communities to benefit from integrated approaches spanning multiple sectors and combining different interests”.  You got that? It looks like Feleti has swallowed a Thesaurus.  We suggest for his next course he tries a dictionary, may be then we might get something with some meaning.  The funny thing is Jyoti Pratibha thinks the Fiji Sun is doing Bainimarama a service by publishing this gobbledygook.

Fiji Sun June 17, 2014 Partnership Deals on PIDF Agenda

One Response to “The big question answered”

  1. pidf Says:

    Frank looks like a stupid idiot in this photo. Well he is in fact except for the conniving and conspiring shadowy figures behind him like homo Gates, big hole Nazhat and homo hubby, gay ASK and etc.

    And please Feleti, you sound like a typical regional agency piece of shit who regurgitate the same gobbledygook at their talkfests. bloody regional civil servant parasites.

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