Will the Electoral Commission have any say?

The Fiji Police Force have been told their services are not needed at polling stations and they are still waiting to be told if they are needed to protect the ballot boxes.  The issue has been raised by Police Commissioner Bernadus Groenevald but he is still waiting for an answer from the Supervisor of Elections.  Like all decisions about the elections it looks like Saneem is waiting to be told what is to happen, but the question is: is he waiting for the Commission to decide key policy issues or is he waiting for Khaiyum?  Only the Commission has the power to direct him.

Radio Fiji 16 June 2014 Tudravu comments on security of ballot boxes

2 Responses to “Will the Electoral Commission have any say?”

  1. Registrar Says:

    Chen Bunn Young has a deal with AG – the deal is to let Bainimarama win the election and Young will sit as new Chief Justice of Fiji.

  2. Motobitu Says:

    We wait with abated breath to hear the directive from EyeArse to imbecilic Suneel the spineless corrupt and brainless Supervisor of Election…we might as well live in one of the currently ravaged corrupt Muslim countries heaving under incomprehensible violence and mass killings….if we allow EyeArse to continue putting into effect his plans expounded in his anti-Fijian Thesis which has already taken roots under Bainimarama, on reigning in Fijian’a special place in their only own country, Fiji will march progressively towards what’s happening in Iraq and other Muslim countries. breakdown of civil society, mass murders, chaos and miseries.

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