Has Usamate read the National Essential Industries Decree?

Bainimarama sent his Labour Minister Jone Usamate to talk to the International Labour Organisation and tell them that Fiji is committed to the principles of decent and productive work – the hallmark of the ILO.  The way things work in the crazy world of Bainikhaiyum, Usamate probably hasn’t even read 2011 Decree, which took away all the basic rights that the ILO stands for.  When industries are designated as national essential industries: “No job actions, strikes, sick outs, slowdowns or other financially or operationally harmful activities shall be permitted at any time for any reason”. Unionism as we know it is banned.  The employer on the other hand may lock out any striking workers and “unilaterally impose terms and conditions of employment”.  And as always with the law under Bainimarama, no union can have access to courts to challenge actions under this dictatorial decree.  Just check out the full details of the decree on Wikipedia and ask yourself if Usamate could have read this before he faced the ILO and told them how committed his government was to respecting the rights of trade unions.

Fiji Times June 16, 2014 Minister assures labour body

2 Responses to “Has Usamate read the National Essential Industries Decree?”

  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    Perhaps Usamate is taking a leaf out of the books of his masters and is only to happy to oblige them by lying through his teeth to the Internationals to redeem themselves.

    Usamate is not a child. He knows full well what’s going on and yet he can still find the peace of mind to jump all over the backs of workers and their rights, and pretend that all is well in the animal farm that is Fiji.

  2. Sole Says:

    I worked with Usumate in Govt when he started work in the 70s Probably he has changed but the internation ILO meeting /conference, representing Fiji. He has not got the capacity intellectually to confidently speak for us…but he will be reading EyeArses’s notes, and we can guess rightly what b/s he vomits out to us in Fiji.

    Usumate should tell the delegates that I-Arse is a Muslim import to Fiji and most of us do not believe in him or trust him, but he is in power propped up by guns of the misled and dumb military who have tortured, murdered and abused our people so terribly.

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