World’s worst liar


Abdul Khan is lucky he only has to fool Dumb and Dumber

Abdul Khan has no challenger for the title of world’s worst liar, but he can still break his own records.  His latest challenge to his title comes with his comments on the dirty sugar that’s been appearing on supermarket shelves. Many people thought it was caused by importing sugar after all the local production had been exported. But, no, Abdul Khan assures us, we are now capable of producing a shit product ourselves.  No sugar has been imported, it’s all from our mills.  So what do we make of his statement: “We had stopped bagging the darker coloured sugar months ago so I’m surprised that this is still appearing on the selves”?  Last year’s harvest finished months ago, so of course “we” stopped bagging it.  Did he tell us to expect crap sugar at the time?

Fiji Times June 14 2014 Sugar colour issues

7 Responses to “World’s worst liar”

  1. Rai ki liu Says:

    Comments like making brown sugar and bagging for local consumption only shows how incapable and ill informed the FSC CEO is. The poor people of Fiji are sick and tired of the brown sugar being consumed. This is far from the quality of sugar being produced in past years. We can only see the color and know the significant difference, etc. The poor people of Fiji are left wondering what is happening now to the quality of sugar. What could be the reasons? Why are we bagging brown sugar rather than normal consumption sugar? Is it because of the burnt cane or something else? Questions must be raised and the CEO must be answerable. We can’t rest on our laurels and let such things to go past us. Why the cost of the brown sugar same as the normal consumption sugar? Why can’t they reduce the cost of sugar because it’s brown in color? Are the sugar industry stealing from the poor customers? There could be communication breakdown between the miller and the customers, etc. The truth must be revealed and no need to hide the truth about the quality of sugar. Those are some of questions that I want someone to answer for me.

  2. Dr Sugar Says:

    The sugar thats has been produced lately has been of less “sweetness” than the quality of sugar required by export partners. This has been a problem for fsc for the better part of a decade. And they still cant fix the problem. The current “darker” brown sugar in circulation has not been refined to the “lesser” brown we/I prefer due to the higher molasses content so as to make the product for general consumption sweeter than it would have been otherwise/if further refined. The issue may be due to lack of research into sugar cane production and quality, we know the problems that fsc has had over the last years. The iGovt has somehow put the carriage before the horse on this one. Rather than work to produce a better sugar product which in turn will increase demand for export, the iGovt is simply demanding that export partners take what they are given. The iGovt likes to blame all and everyone for problems And yet fsc is not to blame?! Hum nahi jano.

  3. The Sugarman Says:

    I have said it before. The sugar industry is doomed. It also has the most dumbest CEO around in Abdul Khan. He is a liar of the highest level and is getting his way because you have another two puppets as his boss; the PS for Sugar and the Minister for Sugar. It is funny that FSC wants to pay cane farmers according to quality, but is not willing to sell sugar according to quality. This is ridiculous Abdul Khan. Two weeks ago he lied to us saying the payment by quality system had been tested and ready to go. All of a sudden last week he announces it has been put on hold for 2015. What a liar! The sugar industry is doomed!

  4. Lamusona Levu Says:

    Our sugar minister with his degree in chemical engineering will surely be able to fix this quickly!

  5. Rai ki liu Says:

    Yes, definitely, FSC must address the sugar quality first before paying farmers based on cane quality. Both the input and the output are important for both the farmers and the buyers. If these two major customers are neglected or not satisfied, then CEO FSC must be held accountable.

  6. joe black Says:

    so much debate about nothing we all know that is abdulla khan is a bullshitter just ask fdb and the nz energy company

    but he has manasa but more important he has viliame sucking hiim only if the big boys can work it out

    however my brown sugar and dirty comments are still relevant to those in fiji who know what i mean and censorship doesnot help

  7. ex-sdl Says:

    The truth about the sugar industry is Felix and Convict mahen killed the industry and it was further raped by NLTB under qarikau by not renewing leases and supported by LQ.

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