Why all the currency smuggling?

In the last week the Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority has reported 3 cases of people trying to smuggle $Fs out of the country hidden in luggage.  Why don’t they just report it and seek approval for its transfer?  Could it be because they wouldn’t get approval.  The big balance in foreign exchange that the regime boasts about is a result of tight controls.  People have to seek approval to pay their credit card bills in foreign currency.  And why the tight controls? Is it because the regime is terrified of another devaluation when the memory of the last one and the poverty it caused is so fresh in everyone’s memory?

Fiji Times 15 June 2014  Three currency smuggling cases

One Response to “Why all the currency smuggling?”

  1. Bob Says:

    Would you to explain to me how the Fijian electoral process works? For example:

    1. If the Fiji First Party wins the most votes but Frank does not win his own seat, does Frank still become the PM?
    2. If Frank wins his seat but his Fiji First Party comes second or third in overall votes will Frank become PM or just another elected member?
    3. If # 2 scenario is carried out will the other parties elected, accept Frank as PM or just an elected member of parliament?
    4. If Frank loses his seat, and his Party comes in second or third, will this create the possibility of another Coup?
    5. If scenario #4 occurs will the other parties and members join together and arrest Frank and Ali Baba and charge them with the crimes they have committed?
    6. Is Fiji the New Banana Republic of the SW Pacific?

    Things to seriously consider.

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