What a difference a year makes

This time last year Bainimarama was threatening to bring the army in to take over FSC mills if the  workers didn’t accept the tiny wage increase he threw at them. Now with the election approaching Bainimarama is telling the workers how wonderful they are and granting them an immediate pay increase, backdated, of course.  “In your next pay packet, every worker from FSC is going to get a pay rise of five percent, backdated to 1st January of this year”.  And it’s all because of the election.  The FSC workers need to understand that if Bainimarama wins the election they will have no protection from the Essential National industries Decree, which allows the government to cut pay, fire workers and jail any unionists who protest.  The Election is the only thing that’s keeping them safe for now, and voting Bainimarama out is the only thing that will keep them safe in the long run.

Fiji Sun 15 June 2014  FSC Employees 5 Percent Rise

3 Responses to “What a difference a year makes”

  1. Rai ki liu Says:

    Thank the Government of the day for the 5% increase in pay for all FSC workers. Hopefully, this is not a vote buying tactic as election is near. The 5% increase is incomparable to the ones granted for civil servants in the previous wage increase. It is also incomparable to the cost of inflation, etc, high cost of food and living currently being faced in this beautiful Island of Fiji. People are still struggling to feed their own families with decent and well balanced food, etc. Wage increases, etc bonus payments, etc are long overdue when we compare with the sudden rise of cost of food, high cost of living, etc, etc, year in and year out. Its something the current Government need to address immediately. Majority of graduates are still without jobs, some have joined jobs and payed similar salary as those with less qualified and educated people. A lot needs to be done to improve our standard of living nowadays.

  2. Sosevatai Says:

    The 5% pay raise backdated over 6 months is a glaring bribery aimed at buying cane farmers’ and workers vote for Bhai to continue his dictatorship….agree that after election this concern for workers will surely be discarded , reversed by the scheming Minister for Sugar….the mill workers who were harassed by the military in the Lautoka Mills not long ago are now favourites but after election they and their Union officials again will be treated as criminals.



  3. The Sugarman Says:

    We all know FSC has not made any profit since 2006. It is surviving on borrowed money and baini thinks FSC workers are naive to not understand this is a vote buying tactic. The announcement was made to coincide with his opening the FSC sports day. This is also the first a PM (in this case an illegal one) made such an announcement. In years past, such announcements are made either by the CEO or the GMHR or jointly with the unions. Now we know why Abdul Khan scooted off to see the Exim Bank in India earlier this year; to loan money for backpay. The sugar industry is doomed!!

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