Aslam flies the coop (or is that coup)

As expected, Aslam Khan, head of Vodafone has resigned and is setting sail for Geneva to join Madam Nazhat. No-one is surprised by this move, because the blogs had already reported it, but the word is that he’s done this on legal advice.  The regime has freely broken laws and accorded itself immunity from laws it breaks in the course of running a dictatorial regime, but the constitution does not give immunity to civilians like Aslam Khan as head of a private company like Vodafone.  If the military tap your phone with his help, they’re safe from prosecution but Aslam could end up cleaning out the piggery in Naboro if a new government is elected.

Fiji Live 13 June 2014 Vodafone Fiji boss resigns at month’s end

4 Responses to “Aslam flies the coop (or is that coup)”

  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    Run. For Now.

  2. Ane Says:

    Ia katia…vesu mai vesu mai……e ra na tobo yadudua mai

  3. muslim priest Says:

    Aslam you motherfarking conniving sonofabitch. your slutty wife in Geneva, who’s obviously feathered her getaway nest, needs to be raped and you sodomised. you muslim pigfarker!!! we will decimate all your remaining blood relatives in Fiji when this thing falls apart.

  4. Keep The Faith Says:

    Let’s just prepare to marvel at the wonder of the long arm of the law at work and anticipate justice being meted out as appropriate because we are better than the thug animal DNA of the illegal and treasonous regime, and we can still treat each other with the dignity befitting human beings. An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.

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