Latest FSC stuff-up is unbelieveable

The regime run FSC has been promising the quality payment system for cane for years and this year was supposed to be THE year for introduction. But at the last moment they’ve been forced to admit it won’t go ahead.  Have they forgotten they said the system was “on hold” in 2012?  According to Abdul Khan, FSC has done tests in Labasa to determine the quality of the cane and the results have “been good and looks positive for us”.  Does he really expect us to believe this? Yields have been going down for years as farmers have cut back on fertiliser due to high prices and doubts about whether their investment will be safe with FSC in the hands of a regime that has lied for years about the management of FSC.

Fiji Times June 11 2014 New pay system on hold

Fiji Times 23 May 2012 New Formula on hold

2 Responses to “Latest FSC stuff-up is unbelieveable”

  1. The Sugarman Says:

    I have repeatedly said that the sugar industry is doomed. To make it worse, the executive chairman Abdul Khan is a liar and all the reasons he has given for the postponement is one of the biggest lies. The cold hard truth is that FSC is not ready to pay cane based on quality. Cane famers will not accept it given the fragile nature of the industry. Even before the 2014 crushing season starts, we already have over $100,000 worth of cane burnt. If the crushing season had started, farmers who own these burnt cane would still have been paid by weight as per the existing pay-out. If they were to be paid by quality, then any cane brought to the factory after 24hours would be paid at a very low price as deterioration in quality would have started. It is also unbelievable for a CEO like Khan to be harping a short while ago that all systems are set for the new quality payment then all of a sudden he backs out with dubious explanations. He has to be fired and those who advise him should go follow him also. I repeat, the sugar industry is doomed!!

  2. Rai ki liu Says:

    Will cane payment issue be agreed by the farmers and other stakeholders? Is this the best way forward for the sugar industry? How can this system work effectively and efficiently when we have seen a drop in cane crop over the years? I would suggest for the sugar industry to concentrate and put more emphasis on planting and increasing cane crop before implementing the cane quality system. How can the farmers reap the benefit when crop is already on the decline, etc. What the sugar industry is facing now is not on quality but the quantity of cane supplied to the mills, etc. This is the crux of the matter and I am sure once this is sorted out, then sugar industry can introduce cane quality payment system. Fix the root causes first then all will fall eventually

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