Coconut Wireless needs to tune in better

The Fiji Sun’s Coconut Wireless, the scurrilous regime propaganda mill, is taunting political parties about the regime’s ‘reforms’ to lease money distribution.  CCW says: “How come none of the political parties opposing the Government are talking about what will happen to lease money distribution?  Will it go back to its old way of chiefs getting more and the rest being divided up up amongst the commoners if they somehow win power?”  They just don’t get it.  The problem with the ‘reform’ is that it was imposed without any consultation.  Political parties don’t need a policy on lease payments.  They don’t have to do anything other than promise to consult landowners and re-establish the BLV to give chiefs a voice in the matter.

2 Responses to “Coconut Wireless needs to tune in better”

  1. asivoro Says:

    CCW will never get it because Maika Bolatiki is too busy playing with Leone Cabenatbua’s bum in the toilet.

  2. tualeita Says:

    The political parties other than FFP know exactly what CCW is trying to do. It’s called political baiting.

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