All parties ‘spiked’ on land

Prof Spike Boydell, who many will remember from his days as the head of Land Management and Development at USP, has rolled a hand grenade with the pin pulled into the middle of the election campaign.  He’s called on all parties to come clean on land.  He’s told Dr Biman Prasad his simple solution of leases for up to 99 years is a recipe for another coup. But NFP is not alone in this “naivete”.  Spike has drawn on the past wisdom of the late Savenaca Siawtibau whose words 12 years ago are as true today as they were then: “Land tenure, like culture and tradition, stands to evolve organically over time within a society”.  In other words, we don’t need the top-down imposed revolution of Bainimarama, we need a dialogue which allows all parties to travel together.  So far, says prof Spike, none of the parties have stepped up with what is needed to tackle this problem, making access to land more flexible while providing the level of protection landowners have made clear they expect.

Fiji Times June 07, 2014  Time bomb ticks on




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