A victory for truth


The restoration of Tamanirarama Jone’s scholarship is a victory for truth. The explanation from the TSLB, the regime scholarship factory, is a pack of half truths but we know the truth has won out.  The TSLB claims it became aware of “certain information” but doesn’t say what that information was. They’ve backed down because they fear the voters.  The election has at last given us a chance to take on the dictatorial regime and demand answers.  The regime which has never down has been forced to back down.  And to the bloggers who say a vote for Roshika Deo is a wasted vote because she will not get 5% and it will only take votes from anti regime parties, FDN says: voters should make up their minds at the end of the campaign, not the start.  Keep campaigning.  Roshika has won one victory over the regime.  Who knows how many more she will win.

Fiji Times June 09, 2014 Scholarship back

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