Does the regime fear the collapse of sugar?

What’s the best advice the Bainimarama regime can given to the battered cane farmers? Grow something else! They’re calling it ‘inter cropping farming’ but what it means is cane farmers are being told to plant something other than sugar on part of their land. They say this is to supplement their income but if the other crops pay more than sugar, why not move over into them. If the other crops pay less, why should cane farmers earn less? If FSC can’t be sure of the price they can pay farmers with their poorly functioning mills, why not just say so? Cane farmers deserve the truth.

Radio Fiji 3 June, 2014 Farmers urged to practice inter cropping

13 Responses to “Does the regime fear the collapse of sugar?”

  1. Mukesh Says:

    People of Fiji should brace themselves for increase in Tax and possibly more creative tax to pay Bainimarama’s borrowings from China.
    Worst, the Chairman of Commerce Commission has failed to inform Bainimarama that borrowing loans and using all resources from China including manpower is worst.
    I am very much suspicious on Dr Mahendra Reddy’s PHD qualifications in Economics; including his short-sightedness are imposing burden on small businesses, registration of rental properties, and so on. All these measure may be seen as good measures for revenue rising but inturn deter potential small entrepreneur from starting business.

  2. mukesh ke nana Says:

    This looks like a post by Nelesh goundar, the right ball of biman.

    What was Biman’s phd thesis on? Rice farmers in his home town with cooked data.

    What has been Biman’s track record?

    1. Biman was leader of nfp for 2 days before he had goose bums and resigned.

    2. Biman’s wife and children are NZ citizens and this means aeroplane biman has no loyalty to fiji as he will take first flight out of fiji is he loses

    3. What has biman done for the people of fiji.

    4. Can biman tell the people of fiji how manY overseas trips he made while he was dean and the cost of such trips
    5. What was his salary as the dean and what charity work he did?

    More on mukesh and his fake leader soon.

  3. mukesh Says:

    Mere Nana, you have missed the point like many other Fijians who uptil now Bainimarama is fooling.
    I have no further to say but wait and see after the election, who ever government is elected will impose heavy burden on Fijian.
    Commerce Commission should take 75% of the blame

  4. The Sugarman Says:

    The sugar industry is doomed!!

  5. Sugar Says:

    What Biman has to do with the sugar industry.
    I don’t understand why mukesh ke nana has posted the comments

  6. mukesh ke nana-idiot Says:

    mukesh ke nana- Biman Prasad and Neelesh Gounder are fine economists and leaders in their own rights. dont get too excited and lie about Biman. His thesis was not on rice- he did hias phd from a prestigious University and was a renowned professor. He will provide visioonary leader. Dont get personal- stick to the issues you idiot

  7. mukesh ka nana Says:

    Pls check with Biman his thesis again. All cooked figure like his crooked ways.

    An audit at usp will show he abused funds while being dean.

    A friend told me about a stupid comment he made at usp last week usp about regional superannuation.

    As for neelesh, well he does not even know that he can’t be involved in politics being employed at usp. Maybe, phd gone to his head. One problem with academics as they think they are too smart but reality is they don’t understand real world.

    Biman did not support wadan and even pushed good usp lecturers out and kept his boys who kiss his arse.

    Biman will get less votes than attar, prem singh, parmod chand and will not be in parliament.

  8. Mukesh Says:

    My positing was nothing personal on any person, but the reality which will happen after the election in September 2014. The regime have borrowed too much from China over the “Retial” price which should have been borrowed at “Wholesale” price. The retail price includes:-
    * borrowing money from China to undertake projects
    * buying and using 100% Chineese materials on the projects
    * using Chineese labors on the project
    * lastly, draining funds into Bainimarama’s and his associates pockets

    Worst of all Commerce Commission taking silent approach and putting burden on small business by imposing new legislations on registrations.

    Here there is nothing to do with Neeleash or Biman or any other upcoming politicians or stupits

  9. Rai ki liu Says:

    Why doing inter-cropping when cane yield per hectare is far below the expected yield—this is a well demonstrated facts over the past years. There is an urgent need to boost the cane yield per hectare and requires support from all stakeholders, etc. What is needed now is to improve cane crop, plant more quality cane, etc, in order to improve sugar production. We have seen significant drop in cane crop over the years and this needs to be improved. The mill had undergone major upgrade and performance had gradually improved, particularly with efficiency figures, etc.

  10. Mukesh Says:

    Can Mahendra Reddy explain to people of Fiji why they are paying exorbitantly high fertilizer price? The price farmers are paying now is same when the world market price of fertilizer was record high; the price now has been halved. Commerce Commission is mainly concern about saving Bainimarama’s ass.

  11. Suka Duka Says:

    Can someone tell me why the sugar we getting is dirty and wet looking? why everything is expensive and low quality indian and chinese made? this country is going to the dogs

  12. Rai ki liu Says:

    Do the health authority or authority responsible have any say or input on the low quality of sugar we buying? Is this the standard of locally produced food that local buyers should consume in comparison to what other countries consume? Can anyone help me answer those questions?

  13. The Sugarman Says:

    @ Suka Duka

    The suka is duka because those who run the industry play a duka game. The sugar industry is doomed!!

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