Can tourists save our dollar?

It’s true that tourism has been doing better in recent years. Numbers have grown after the shocks caused by the coup in 2007. But everyone in the industry knows that we’ve paid a permanent price. The brand has been damaged. We’re now a discount destination when we could have been a premium one. The regime propaganda machine claims tourism brings in $1.3 billion a year, but what they don’t say is how much money flows out of the country to pay for all the imports needed by the tourism industry. They’ve talked about import substitution but production of most local imports has fallen. It should be keeping pace with increased numbers but beef production, goat, rice and dairy production have all fallen. Tourism has survived a bad government but it cannot survive five more years of bad government and the worst thing of all would be another coup. Another blow to our tourism industry like that after 2007 and our dollar is doomed – another devaluation and another hike in the price of basics to hit the poor again.

Fiji One 24 May, 2014 Fiji tourism taking in $1.3 billion a year says RBF

One Response to “Can tourists save our dollar?”

  1. coral coast Says:

    What crap post? The industry no longer has the big discounts after 2006? Just check the hotel rates and you will know that.

    And the issue of leakage. The reality is that this is true for all small countries like jamaica, maldives etc. Tourist wants to drink wine, do we make wine?

    The tourism industry is much biggerthan than that in 2006. Check the details.

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