Who are these viles abusers

Who are these viles abusers

Who me? Am I really a threat to Fiji Fist

Who would believe that someone would attack Roshika Deo with vile unspeakable words posted on the internet. We won’t bother to repeat them but she should take it as a sign that she’s a threat to someone if they react in this way. We can’t really tell who wrote these messages and the Police may not be able to prove who is responsible either, but the first suspect has to be the same people who cancelled the scholarship of one of her young volunteer supporters – ie the regime of Frank Bainimarama. If he wants to remove all suspicion he should promptly restore the scholarship and apologise. Vile personal abuse has no place in Fiji.

Fiji Times June 03, 2014 Stalked, scared

4 Responses to “Who are these viles abusers”

  1. End abuse Says:

    The Marama na Roko Tui Dreketi has been subjected to abuse of this kind on Facebook site. It’s the same MO – a false facebook page and the filth is unbelievable and defintely not something that can be repeated.

  2. tualeita Says:

    This lady has more mettle than the Bainimarama cronies who hide behind masks and false faces.

  3. Yadra Mada Sotia Says:

    Yes toso tikoga SODELPA Ro Teimumu victory is at hand…….lies and murder and theft will soon be exposed for Bai & comp…….

  4. Sociceni Says:

    Roshika has a lot of guts and we say good on you Roshika, many people will support you. You encourage women t come out and participate in public arena in any field you like….keep it up

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